Thursday, 2 August 2012

Visa Vis.

Today I headed downtown (via the Canada line- yes, I'm practicing my transit skills...I also took a bus home tonight as long as we're on the subject), in the sunshine to my appointment at the UK visa processing centre. It was quite the experience. I've been working my bottom off (not necessarily a bad thing) the last few weeks just to get the necessary paperwork in order (for anyone who's ever attempted a visa application, I know you can sympathize). The office itself left a lot to be desired. I don't really know what I expected, but when I'm forking out $500 USD (can you tell it still hurts?) of my hard earned cash and handing over my passport and birth certificate for three weeks, I'm hoping to feel as though I've left this task in capable hands, or at the very least hands in a capable office. I walked in to find a desk positioned in the middle of the room (you had to walk around it) and chairs lined up facing it, as my cousin described as, " in airplane style". Their signage was simply photocopied sheets of paper push pinned to various walls. Stage one of the procedure had you called up to the desk one by one (in the middle of the room) to complete various paperwork while the rest of the room sat quietly listening to you. Awesome.

So my paperwork has now been couriered off to New York City, and all that's left is for me to wait and hope for the best. I started my waiting with coworkers at Cardero's restaurant on the patio. It seemed like a good place. Our intention was to then to progress to Tasso's house for some dinner, and then hit up the fireworks competition in English Bay. We never made it to the Symphony of Fire as our tummy's quickly placed us in a food coma while they worked hard at digesting Tasso's yummy steaks (I've put his secret recipe below).

I love the people watching downtown in the summer.
Me, happy that it's over!
"Yes, come down and meet us!"

Views overlooking Coal Harbour

Cardero's is the wavy rooftop just beyond the boats

 I'll have to write about Cardero's another time as it's seriously one of my favourite go-to spots. It has consistently great food, excellent views, a great patio, a nice bar, and Pete! If you ever find yourself there, Pete is the man. I'm a little biased, but in my opinion, Pete's the best server in town. He's extremely funny, and he's cute (next time I'll post a photo). What more could you ask for? 
Nice face Tasso.

Tasso's special Steak Marinade: Mix together Dijon and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Greek of course!), add course sea salt, pepper, and steak seasoning. Spread mixture liberally over steaks and fire on the grill (it probably couldn't hurt to baste again after flipping- I wasn't watching at this point so I don't really know what took place tonight) Voila!!

Perfect end to a great day.

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