Thursday, 9 August 2012

Not Just a Pretty Face.

As Canada continues to struggle ever so slightly in the medal department, I got to thinking that there really should be an Olympic medal awarded for ridiculously good looking. I would personally like to nominate two athletes. Both of these godly specimens caught my eye in the last couple of days (I may have had to pause the t.v. to take a closer look). As you will soon see, they are both extremely attractive, excel at multiple events, and are both Canadian (yes, it's really a shame they couldn't procreate, but Jessica's already busy making Olympic babies of her own).

First up, making his Olympic debut this summer in the decathlon, Damian Warner.

Sigh. (Photo from Here)
He's even pretty mid-flight (Photo from here)

Next up, the thirty year old heptathlete and mother, Jessica Zelinka. You can check out her blog here. Yes, she's thirty, and a blogger (which means, if I get going, I still have a chance...okay, who am I kidding, starting at this age, equestrian is my only option, and we all I know I don't like riding). Brutal.

Kind of makes you want to hit the treadmill doesn't it?  (photo from Here)
(Photo from here)
It's times like these, I really do wish I'd competed in track (yes dad, you were right). Can you imagine all the pretty faces (and bodies) hanging out between their events?
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