Friday, 24 August 2012

This and That.

The fact that I'm leaving for a year is finally getting real. To say I'm nervous is an understatement. My cousin Sarah has lost ten pounds stressing (did I mention she's going also?), and while I haven't measured-in lately, I'm quite confident my looser fitting shorts are not on account of exercise. I found the above illustration and quote on Pinterest.  If that's not the Thames, I don't know what is. While my 'us' in the quote, has changed in the last six weeks, I'm sure Sarah will agree to hold my hand.

Here are a few snippets from the last couple of weeks...

Happy Birthday Lawrence! (losing our Whitecaps Virginity with a bunch of friends)

A light summer lunch and some HEAVY reading.

A light summer dinner (I joke)

The neighbours take a survey.

Lattes in bowls and Ham & Cheese Croissants (Breakfast @ Marche St. Georges)

There are actually monkeys in this monkey tree!

Making Saturday night's curled hair-do last as Sunday's beach hair (sneaky sneaky).
Checking out the talent at Beach Nationals (Spanish Banks)

Collingwood's Coaching Talent

Winning the 50/50 at the Legion's Quiz Night (68 Big ones!). Also a first.
The view from Lower Lonsdale.

This week I also caught up with a couple of old friends, discovered some new music, and received my U.K. visa in the mail. The countdown continues...

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