Friday, 3 August 2012

Le Marche St. George

Yesterday morning en route to my physio appointment, I stopped off at Le Marche St. George. It is a place my cousin once took me, and although slightly off my path, I had been thinking about it ever since.

On top of brimming bowls of delicious specialty coffees and teas, Le Marche has the best croissants around. They also serve savoury baked goods as well as paninis. Their cooler is stocked with farm fresh eggs, milk, meats, and cheeses (and perogies...seriously), and their shelves are filled with antipastos, yummy crackers, teas, sea salts (the list goes on).

To say the aesthetic is shabby chic doesn't really do it justice. In my mind, 'shabby chic' screams try-hard, and I get the idea it's a little more legit. From the second you set eyes on this neighbourhood cafe, you can't help but think of an old fashioned country store. I guess it's really an old fashioned country store crawling with hipsters (and hipster babies...and hipster dogs). And hipsters don't try do they? Ok, you've got me there.

Yup, they have bees!

Start your sunny (knock on wood) long weekend  off right with breakfast at this local hot spot. It will quickly become your new favourite, I promise.

Me, blogging this little review for you, immediately after a nooner at the Nat (that's how devoted I am!)

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