Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fishing across the pond.

I had to giggle when I saw this...

There's definitely something in the water / tea on this side of the pond.

When in Rome right?

(actually, if we were in Italy, I guess the sign might refer to spicy sausage?....eeek!!)

Wouldn't it be silly to have one's eye on Canadians all the way over here? That's what I thought. I can hear my mom, "Not in the long run!".

Did you know my mother tries to enforce a family rule of nobody east of the rockies? I've broken this rule more than I've abided by it. Plus, the direction you travel is always up for debate.

Keeping things light, and aesthetically pleasing, here are a few of the gentlemen I blame for setting me astray.

First off, what I wouldn't give to be Elizabeth Bennet...

If he (below) knocked on your cottage door, drunk, in a snow storm, would you let him in?

Ever since 'Skyfall', my thing for Daniel is off the charts...
(but that's not the only reason)

You've seen this before, but...

And lastly, my favourite redhead.

 Recently back from battle.

... like Tristan returning home to the ranch in 'Legends of the Fall'. 

...okay, a little more ginger, and a little less 'scruff', but after Angelina, and all the kids, HRH over Brad any day of the week.

There's something about Harry...

Okay, back to work. All of you!

Sorry about the quick post / selfish tribute to the men in my life. The honest truth is, I came home late from class, had a long skype chat with Kristin about her wedding, and then with my mom about this and that...which left little time for blogging.

Ladies, please weigh in, who did I forget? 

I'm pretty certain you're going to say Becks...but aren't we over him?

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  1. Since the east of the rockies advice has been so often disregarded by a certain daughter and since that same daughter seems to have excellent choice in friends -the maligned mother is formally lifting any and all family guidelines or restrictions regarding the Pond or the Rockies!
    Has anyone following the "Beyond" blog noticed the recurring themes of hot, British and ginger ( and not as a cooking spice)?

    1. The weight has been lifted. Somewhere, Angels are singing....

  2. Hugh Grant?
    Christian Bale (actually, is he British)?

    1. How did I get 'Darcy' and forget Hugh!!! Brutal. Might actually put him on the back burner for poor behaviour!!

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  4. I love Harry and James Bond the best for their scruffy ruggedness, each! I literally did bump into Becks on a Sunday morning on Melrose~ totally swoonable in person face to face! He can melt any girl to mush with just one look!!!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme