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The Deep Dark Woods.

The Deep Dark Woods
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August has been fun, as I've recently been catching up with a friend I hadn't been in contact with for ten years. As we were comparing notes, and updating each other on our lives, we realized that our siblings shared a common love of music. I was telling him about Pat's band, Coldwater Road (and their upcoming tour), when he chimed in that his brother was on tour also. It turns out his brother's band is one of my brother's favourites (yes, Patrick was very thrilled). The band is called The Deep Dark Woods. You've probably heard of them already, as I'm usually the last to get the memo (apparently I need to get out more), but I thought I'd share this little discovery in case you hadn't. 

As I would never consider myself a music aficianado, classifying a band into a genre is always difficult for me. Like Patrick's band, there's a country / folk-rock sound, but don't quote me on this! Did I mention they're awesome? They are awesome. I've purchased a few of the songs on itunes already, and just noticed tonight that there are a few live concerts available for download on their website.
**Note: I'm too tired to figure out why there is a box around the first two paragraphs and not the one below, so please ignore. Back to the band...

They contributed an original song "Charlie's (Is Coming Down)", to CBC Radio 2's Great Canadian Song Quest (2009), and were nominated for Roots and Traditional Group Album of the Year at the 2012 Junos. In September, they will be in Nashville, as they were recently nominated for Emerging Artist of the Year at this year's Americana Music Awards.

This is my favourite song so far...


Here they are looking sharp at this year's Juno Awards:

The Deep Dark Woods at the Junos
If you like their sound, visit their website to download some music and check out their tour dates (I wish I'd had a heads up when they were in Vancouver on August 11th).

Wow, look at me, another music post. I warned you that I had no idea what direction this blog might take! 

Thanks again for visiting.

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