Thursday, 16 August 2012


As I empty out the iphone from the last week, here are a few snapshots that you didn't see...

Chalk Art in the back lane.

Cute Sushi cups  (yes, at Sushi Sushi- told you I eat there frequently)

On our way out to paint the town...

Cold drinks on a hot night.

Happy Birthday Fiona!

Party Trick: Send Murphy without leash over to firemen during block party

With my brothers at Nat Bailey Stadium for a C's game (praying that the kiss cam doesn't point us out)

Sorry about the short post, I just got home from another friend's birthday party and am very sleepy. Seen as you have less reading to do, why don't you take a minute and add the blog to your 'bloglovin'  list (see link on side), or sign up to receive a reminder email when I post new posts (also a box on the side). You can also 'like it' on Facebook, or 'Pin-it' on Pinterest. All of these things would make me very happy.

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