Tuesday, 21 August 2012

It takes two.

Due to the lunchtime baseball game, and record breaking heat in the city, Friday had been a long day. As a result, our numbers for Saturday evening's adventures were substantially diminished (yes, it was down to Nicola and me to represent the group). And represent we did. We traded heels for flip flops, and hit up a Granville Street favourite, The Morrissey.

...and I think the two boys who presented us with flowers must have agreed.

I think we looked quite cute, if I don't mind saying so myself!

Dress:Monk & Lou. Clutch: Banana Republic (old). Sandals: JCREW.

Bracelets (RH): H&M, JCREW, hand made, Gap. Bracelet (LH): JCREW. Watch: Calvin Klein. Ring: H&M. Polish: OPI A roll in the Hague
Dress: Anthropologie. Necklace: Anthropologie. Flip Flops: Gravis (old)

Clutch:gifted Bracelets:JCREW, Hand Made, Urban Outfitters.

The truth is, Nicola and I have a favourite seat in this bar (god forbid it be occupied upon our arrival). When we sit there, we feel like Statler and Waldorf of The Muppet Show. In case you didn't grow up with the muppets (as we did), Statler and Waldorf are two grumpy old hecklers, who sit in the balcony, and find their own wit, and humour, far too entertaining for their own good.

Photo from here.
From the comfort of our special seat, we can overlook the entire place, and critique the comings and goings of everyone in the place. It's quite convenient, and almost always results in some special attention paid our way.

Here is the view from our favourite spot (you'll have to use your imagination to envision it packed with people).

And some more of the rest of the place.

Morrissey photos from here.

We had a wonderful evening, although we blame a few gifted Jameson shots for cutting the night short (allowing us to put crackers and soda water to the test). 

Do you have a favourite Vancouver night spot? I believe I've fixed the glitch with the comments section (so you can now comment without having an account). Please do!


  1. Being a fan of Jameson as well, I do enjoy the Shebeen in Gastown!!

    1. I remember you saying that. Thanks for commenting Ange...I better go fix my Spelling of Jameson also!!!