Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Chambray Olé.

I bought a couple of Chambray shirts a year and a half ago (one shorter and one longer), and I continue to be amazed at how much use I am getting out of them. Thanks to pinterest, I keep finding new ways to sport this basic shirt. I know, it's not exactly rocket science, but sometimes you need a little outside inspiration to spark your closet creativity. Most of the time you'll catch me in something similar to the Canadian Tuxedo (that's what those north of the 49th parallel call denim on denim -see below), or wearing it with a pair of shorts, but as you can see, others, have put a different spin on this wardrobe staple.

This is my 'go-to' chambray outfit. I created it using Polyvore, and used items from my own closet to recreate it.

The Canadian Tuxedo (picture found Here.)
Tuxedo with Black denim (from Here.)
Dressing up the Chambray (from Sincerely Jules.)
Layering (seen Here.)

Polka dots! (from The Gap, but unfortunately sold out)

Summer Chambray (seen Here.)

And Last but not least, my new favourite look. I'm going to save this little ensemble for Fall.
 Can you envision me walking down the Kings Road? 
...I'll send you a picture.

Picture found Here.

How do you like to wear your chambray?

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