Monday, 13 August 2012


Yesterday started off on a brighter note. Why do I insist on reading these things?

Who can blame me for not liking that one.
 At lunchtime, I met mom for tea and a snack at Shaktea. We had been trying to visit this little spot for ages, and I'm glad we finally did. It is not your traditional British tea room, but casts more of a zen feel. They have created a calming space where Main Street shoppers can take a load off their feet, and experience a bit of serenity as they enjoy their delicious tea and scrumptious homemade scones while contemplating their next purchase.

Handmade tea cozy's with recycled wool.
We were feeling peckish, and so started with the brie melt
Check out the gorgeous colour of that tea (Earl Grey, if you can believe it!)
The Scones, always my favourite part.

I capped off the day meeting some friends at Nat Bailey Stadium to watch Field of Dreams on the big screen in centre field. It was a beautiful evening, and a lot of fun watching this classic film with the ballpark in front of us. 
Those of us who are now single, could not help but laugh at the constant whispers, "If you build it, HE will come". Build what? Build What??!!
For the movie night schedule for the rest of the summer at the Nat, click here.

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