Wednesday, 8 August 2012


It was a dark and stormy night (no, we're talking, a MAJOR thunderstorm), and the captain said to his mate (my roommates said to me....okay, actually my parents said to me), let's go to Burgoo!

I'll explain why I'm a grown woman living (temporarily) with her parents later, but first let me tell you about Burgoo.

Burgoo is comfort. They put it best on their website, when they say they've created an "old-world, countryside ambience", serving food that will warm you to your toes. And while my toes don't really need warming (in this current Vancouver heat wave), it was definitely the perfect rainy night for a cozy local haunt such as this. One of the perks when you live with your parents, is they often include you in their late night eats (Burgoo's kitchen is open until 11pm and my parents were on their way home from the ranch and obviously felt sorry for me). Check the Burgoo website, as what started as one, has turned into four locations, and there is most definitely one in your neck of the woods.

For those of you who are still concerned with why I'm living at home, lets get that out of the way so that you're not too hung up on my lameness to enjoy the rest of my post. It's actually quite simple, I had to give up my apartment in June in order to move to London for the year in what I thought was going to be July. As we are all (and nobody more so than me) aware, I am still here (in Canada) due to the large curve ball I was thrown (a few weeks ago), and the fact that my visa won't allow me into the UK until one month prior to the start of my MA program. Yes, I'm healing from the curve ball, but I'm still here, and not in the U.K. flirting with Prince Harry, or more realistically, watching the Olympics (touchy subject).

Okay, now that we've got that out of the way...back to BURGOO (please remember, we're eating at 10:45pm on a weeknight- which is why the restaurant is empty- usually you either have to make a reservation, or do your time in a line-up, and there's lots of people watching to be had).

You'll have to use your imagination to picture this cute patio on a sunny day, filled with people

Dad's 'Macaroni and More' (absolutely delicious, I had more than one mouthful)
Mom's 'Gooey Cheese Griller & Straight up Tomato Soup' 
My Choice: Paella
My Paella was delicious, but very large. I couldn't finish it all, and asked to take it home, but of course in my excitement to document (for you) the interior of the restaurant, I left my doggy bag on the table. D'oh! There goes tomorrow's lunch!

A peek through the windows at the cozy interior.

 As I was taking photos before we left, our waitress asked me if I was from out of town. I leaned in and whispered, "Actually, I've started a little blog, but I'm still in the closet with it".
She told me to make sure I write nice things.
Little does she know, this is a simple task, as I only plan on writing about the people, places, and things I love. Stay tuned!

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