Monday, 6 August 2012

Brian Boulton.

I first came across Brian Boulton's work in an exhibit a couple of years ago at the Winsor Gallery on Granville Street. Boulton's images immediately blew me away, because on first glance, I assumed I was staring at a black and white photograph (and I liked it at that point!). He uses charcoal to meticulously replicate each seemingly unaware subject. I could spend hours (and I probably did, as I visited more than once) closely examining his recreation of various textures. I think I connected with his pieces, as like Brian Boulton, I have a passion for people watching. Place me on the wharf at Granville Island, and I can sit there for hours. It's really no wonder I have difficulty taking transit abroad, I'm clearly distracted by the incredible bustle of each station. I often find myself completely distracted in a restaurant, bar, or sporting event, trying to take in everyone that's around me. I'm always wondering what their story is. Where did they come from? Where do they work? Do they have a family? Surely it's only a matter of time before there's an App for this! Brian's subjects are always from behind, seemingly anonymous, standing and waiting for something, somewhere. He takes them out of there public spaces, and leaves you to wonder where this moment in time took place (at least when I'm people watching, that's one question I already know the answer to).

Have a look for yourself.

Amazing right? My jpegs are from Boulton's website, and can't possibly do the work justice. For that, you'll have to see it in person. Drag a friend or family member with you. Even those not really into the visual arts, can appreciate this stuff.

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