Thursday, 30 May 2013

TAP, TAP, TAP it in...

Today was another working day. 'S' is studying for exams, and Rose and I had a lot of photos to edit for our upcoming exhibition. As the flat below us is still under construction, we decided that we should plan an adventure to an interesting coffee shop in order to change things up a bit.

Am I ever glad we did, as the spot we found was a real find. It's called TAP (Tapped and Packed) and there are three locations in London. They offer a cozy environment, excellent coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches, and encourage work meetings, and studying. My only complaint would be the lack of plugs. My laptop is ancient and has about 45 mins of battery life.

My Sandwich: Cheddar and Chutney (and some other stuff)

I had sue me.

Behold the BEST chocolate cake (slice?). Apparently it sells out daily. I had to try it.

The only plug was hidden behind the barista bar, so that's where I saddled up. I wasn't complaining.

And if you're into happy socks....

We spent three and a half hours in TAP and nobody batted an eyelash. I did keep the snacks coming so that I wasn't abusing the privilege, but it's nice to find a place where you don't feel guilty hunched over the laptop for hours.

Any other suggestions for favourite work spots in London? There's actually a website, which is where I found this one (Best London Cafes for Work/Meetings).

That's all for now. If you're a Londoner, you need to hit up one of these cafes. We were at their Wardour Street location (No. 193) in case you were wondering.

P.S. this is post No. 150. 

Can you believe it?

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  1. Cheddar sandwich, tea AND chocolate cake?? Lady you did all the right things.