Monday, 27 August 2012

Last Bat @ the Nat.

After a Saturday night for the record books (which I will not blog about for fear of jinxing), it was only fitting that we 'take back Sunday'. My brother Patrick has always had strong feelings of animosity towards 'the Sunday feeling'. You know, that feeling one gets on Sunday (regardless of the fact that it is still the weekend), knowing full well the work week is looming? Patrick has always maintained that we should (in his words), "F$%@ Monday, and take back Sunday". His philosophy basically entails taking part in Saturday-esq activities on a Sunday (no winding down required).

This Sunday was the last regular season home game (and a nooner at that) for the Vancouver Canadians. It was also officially the 'worst Sunday feeling of the year' as it meant back to work on Monday for the teacher contingent of my social circle (in the summer, this is most of my social circle, as who else do I have to play with?). The nooner was the perfect activity for this Sunday crew (after a few gatorades to repair Saturday's damage), as we remained in utter denial of Summer's end. It should be noted, I don't actually have to work tomorrow, or the next day, or for 365 days after that, as of course I'm off to London, but I thought it only appropriate that I join the others in their mourning.

Here are a few photos from this summer at Nat Bailey...

Our muster station outside (usually the last few minutes of shade prior to 9 innings)

It's actually a MUCH better idea to hit up the stand in the family section (shorter line-ups!)

...seems about right.

The one game we didn't sit in section 10. Boo.

The nooner turns into a nighter.

The beers turn to wine.

The awesome dancing grounds crew.

The 'Last Bat' crew.

Here's to the play-offs!

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