Monday, 20 August 2012

Ben Howard.

I would like to introduce you to Ben Howard (if you haven't already been aquainted). For Vancouverites, I've noticed they've started playing him on the Peak (100.5 FM), so I'm not really charting out new territory here (and he's already made a name for himself in the U.K.). Ben Howard is a British singer-songwriter who grew up influenced by his musical parents, and in particular, their love of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. I first downloaded his song, 'Only Love' a few months ago after hearing it on (don't judge me), cough, cough, 'Made in Chelsea', cough. I found it to be one of those songs you like immediately. His voice is raspy, and soothing, and the lyrics meaningful (well somewhat).

Have a listen... because I like you, I'll give you another little treat. After I introduced my friend Nicola to Ben Howard, she found the little gem below. Given that Carly Rae Jepsen is from Mission, British Columbia, this is especially cool. For those who don't know, many musicians (and famous faces) have been covering her song, 'Call Me Maybe', and / or creating their own lip synced version (some of these submissions are from the likes of Harvard baseball, The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders, The American Swim team - you get the picture).  For Carly Rae's original version (so that you realize what the fuss is all about), click here. It's a silly, but catchy pop song, that should come with a warning label, as it will be stuck in your head forever. Don't be embarrassed if you find yourself watching some of the hundreds of other covers and lip syncs that can be found, it's really quite amusing.

Now here's Ben Howard's take:

Do you like him? Girls, I know you're already sold (it's the sexy raspy thing).



  1. ohhhh that good. love him.

    1. I thought you would have left an anon. post regarding the cute blue dress in the posting above :)