Friday, 6 July 2012


I hate moving. I should actually be more specific. I hate packing. I am the worst packer on many continents! I am so terrible, that it usually takes a small army of girlfriends to send me off each summer, to the many summer jobs I have held in faraway lands.

Last week I had to pack up my entire apartment, in order to move back in with my parents while I wait to leave for England. What's in England you ask? My boyfriend is. I will be staying with him for a year in order to complete my masters in London, and give the relationship the chance it deserves.

It goes without saying, that packing my apartment was not enjoyable. This 536 square foot bachelor apartment took me two weeks. Two weeks of doddling (I am very easily distracted), that probably could have been condensed into two days.

The final day prior to the move was by far the worst. My parents, and youngest brother were helping me, and decided to complete the move a day early, in order to beat the rain. They had to transport the contents of my place up to our recreational property ('The Ranch') for storage in an open horse trailer and pick-up truck.

I needed some fuel. What better place for a quick feast than 'Ho Ho Yum Yums' (a name lost in least I think!). This is a fast food Chinese restaurant on Davie Street, a block from my place. The food looks great (for Chinese fast food), and smells delicious, but the aftermath can be devastating. So much so, that we nicknamed a strapping lad from my past 'Ho Ho Yum Yum'. He always seemed like a good idea, and never was. Similar to this fast food indulgence.

My meal. There's fried rice beneath it all. No, I didn't eat the entire thing. Yes, I was out of commission a few hours later.

The boxing continues...
What do you do with items you no longer have a need for in Vancouver's West End? You put them out in the lane of course! This is my fruit bowl being closely examined. Yes, he took it.

When the packing was complete, I was extremely thankful for my movers (Mom, Dad, and Chris), who helped load it into the Horse trailer, and ranch pick-up truck, and drive it up to Black Pine. Stay tuned for the weekend that ensued. 

Goodbye little apartment. Hopefully it's time for BIGGER and better things (it's quite difficult to be smaller you know).

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