Saturday, 7 July 2012

Black Pine.

So the move wasn't all hard work. When it was complete, we had time to play. My parents headed up to the ranch early, followed the next day by Heather and Josh. Nicola and I were the last to arrive. I should mention, that this was just in time to watch them move my last box from the horse trailer into the small log cabin. Brilliant!

The long weekend was full of great food, good company, and a little regression as we happily took part in activities from our childhood. Please ignore the frog catching attire. I'll admit to owning pink Crocs, but this is the only place I wear them. I promise!

View of the Big Ranch House from the Barn

My spot for some summer reading while everyone else was out for a ride (I don't do horses!)

However, there are those who do...

My father (the weekend Cowboy),  my Mom, and Nicola, on Quattro, Skipper, and Kokanee

Arson, who was less than pleased to be left behind

Let the Frog Hunting Begin (laugh all you want, they are functional!)
Our first victim - don't worry, it was a catch and release program

A river runs through it...
If this isn't an ad for Hunters, I don't know what is!

Happy Canada Day!

a reason to hydrate

We also did some wildflower picking

An Aspen Grove on our flower quest

After a long day, it was time for some vino. New Spot. Tough life.

Happy Hour.

The Florist hard at work

And what is a Black Pine weekend without an impromptu band practice? Patrick and 'Coldwater Road', along with 'Jason and the Diatonics' arrived at the ranch from their tour at 5am on Sunday morning. After sleeping a few more hours, we devoured a delicious breakfast of french toast and fruit salad (props to Nicola and Heather), and then were treated to a show.

"I'm with the Band..."

Here's a little taste of the rehearsal. Both Bands are concluding their tour at 8pm on Sunday night July 8th, back in Vancouver at the Electric Owl. They would love for you to come and support them. See you there!


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