Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Colour my world.

Firstly, yes, I am still in Vancouver. I have not yet finalised my student visa, but regardless, cannot enter the U.K. until one month prior to the start of my program. Hopefully I will be on my way in early September (knock on wood), but until then, I will continue to enjoy my days as a lady of leisure.

I spent a recent dog walk (with Murphy our Field Spaniel), appreciating the great efforts that many of our new neighbours went to in restoring their Vancouver 'old timers' and reviving their colourful histories. 

I quickly found myself imagining what I might do to a character house, should I ever get the opportunity.

POP! I don't mean to frighten you, that was simply the sound of my bubble bursting. 
As I sit here,  reality strikes and I quickly remember that not only am I awaiting a student visa, but I am awaiting a student lifestyle. A year with zero income, and a tremendous amount of debt, only to return to the city of ever sky rocketing real estate. 

Two bridges and a tunnel, here I come.


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