Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Umbrella.

They say the hardest step for a runner is the first step out the front door. As far as this blog is concerned, I can relate! I've had the template made for three days, but I have been scared to take the first step. Here it goes.

Why did I call it 'Beyond the Blue Umbrella'? It's quite simple really. I am the proud owner of "the latest in brolly technology", or so they told me when I purchased the blue Umbrella about a year ago at The Umbrella Shop, on Granville Island in my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

I figured there is no way I am leaving this fantastic number behind when I set sail for an equally rainy environment for the next year of my life. My intention for this blog is that it will follow my adventures over the course of the next year as I complete my Masters in London. Hopefully it will keep my friends and family in Vancouver in the loop, while providing me with fond memories to reflect back on. It will also keep me out of Nick's hair, for a good portion of each day. Whether this is what Beyond the Blue Umbrella turns into, I guess we'll soon find out.

Back to my Umbrella purchase. I simply figured I'd lived in the Rain City long enough (my entire life!), and it was high time I owned a decent umbrella. So off Nick and I went to make this purchase.

The Umbrella Shop has been in Vancouver since 1935. I ended up spending quite a bit of time browsing the different Umbrellas in the store, and finally settled on the basic stick. My thinking was simply that it was durable, had a nice handle, and most importantly didn't break the bank. The technology I was referring to earlier, was the basic fiberglass ribs inside the umbrella, allowing my brolly to invert in the wind without breaking. I especially loved the store's cute logo branded onto the smooth wooden handle.

So this is me under my blue umbrella. Under my blue umbrella IN MY APARTMENT! Yes, a small sacrifice of a few years bad luck in order to complete my first blog entry with visuals for all of you.

If you're a little more adventuresome on the umbrella front, you might consider some of the following:

If you're into the 'Royal' style, the dome umbrella might appeal. This brolly allows the crowds to see your smiling face and royal wave!

For the kiddies- the dinosaur umbrella. Who wouldn't want one of these?

And lastly, the basic tulip pattern. Whimsical, yet classic. 

I'm starting to kick myself for choosing the basic blue. But hey, 'Beyond the Tulip Print Umbrella' doesn't quite have the alliteration I was looking for!

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