Monday, 16 July 2012

La Vida Loca.

Without divulging too much, the last week has thrown me a bit of a curve ball. Did I say, bit of a? Hmm, make that, a huge curve ball! I found myself not really knowing which end was up, and my friends quickly stepped up to the plate to point me in the right direction. I'm a lucky girl.

Sun, booze, yummy eats, and great company were definitely a (temporary) cure for the blues.

Saturday started with H and I sunning ourselves on the rooftop deck, cooling down with lemonade spritzers, and a garden hose. What can I say, we are simple creatures with simple needs!

The rest of the girls arrived in the early evening, and we flip flopped our way down Main street to El Camino's. This is a new restaurant in SOMA serving up Latin American street food.

Off we go...

 3250 MAIN ST, Vancouver, B.C.

Doesn't look very hoppin' you say? This is because it was blistering hot out (okay, maybe not blistering. It was 24 degrees). We grabbed a seat in the back right corner, as far away from the sun beating in the window as possible.
Yes, true Vancouver wimps when it comes to heat!

 We skipped the Cervesas, and hit up a quick round of Margaritas.

This is the back wall made of individually cut, unfinished wood blocks decorated with wine stains

The waitress brought out popcorn buttered with chili lime salt, and it disappeared faster than you can say Chihuahua.

 Nics ordered the corn chips with Salsa Roja, and the feeding frenzy continued.

And this is what Heather and I thought of the soft tacos!
May I recommend the Carne Asada  (Grilled Flat Iron Steak, Horseradish, jack cheese, and guasacaca)

Next up, Arepas- A Southern American street snack made of a white corn pocket, stuffed, and grilled until crispy...

My chosen filling:Gamas- sauteed prawns, smoked paprika, aioli, and arugula 

Katie chose the Queso: 

the classic arepa, with jack and feta cheese, huancaina, and salsa roja

Nicola opted out of the street pockets and chose the Pescado instead: friend baja cod, smoked chili slaw, pickled red onions, and chipotle crema               

The Bartender was quite cute.  We tried to get a photo for you, unfortunately, the Margaritas were better!

After stuffing ourselves silly, it was back to the roof.

And then out for some more drinks to Portland Craft

I thought the red dress would hide the sunburn. Guess not.

Thank you to my girls for being such amazing friends.
Until next weekend, it's one foot in front of the other.

...hasta luego.

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