Monday, 9 July 2012

Summer Nights.

I laugh at the title of this post. Today is only our third day of sunshine and warmth, after what was a rain-filled June, and already we are celebrating. As Vancouverites, we complain about the rain, then can be found half naked at the first sign of summer. True to form, we are also the first to complain when the temperatures become even the slightest bit uncomfortable.

As the temperatures climbed, I figured I should take advantage of mom and dad's new deck, and have the girls over for dinner. Dinner soon turned into 2am, and two of my guests didn't leave until after the Wimbledon final Sunday morning! A successful evening!

The true reason behind the 2am departure of my guests: 'Paradise' - Katie's amazing cocktail

4 parts cooled Earl Grey tea
 3 parts Malibu
2 parts apple juice
Handfuls of Mint, Strawberries, and Ice

You'll praise her and make this one again. Trust me, it's a keeper!

Following muffins in the morning, we all shed a tear along with Andy Murray. It was truly a great moment in sport, as he graciously attempted to compose himself, supported by all of Britain, after his loss to Roger Federer. While Murray is often criticised for his conduct, his post match reaction on centre court today, allowed us a small glimpse of the incredible pressure he is under. I don't think there was a sole out there who couldn't sympathize with him in that moment.
I thought about Andy Murray periodically throughout the rest of day as I spray painted deck chairs, suntanned, and prepared to head to Patrick's gig. I wondered what he was doing, how he was coping, and just exactly how one puts that behind them, tends to injuries, and prepares for a hometown Olympics, a mere two and a half weeks away.

I'll be watching.

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