Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Odds and Sods

Just a little catch up for you of some things in the last few weeks that made me smile.
Firstly, a clip sent to me from Paul Simon's concert in Hyde Park. Yes, he's singing my favourite song 'Under African Skies', though all of the talking and walking around would have driven me crazy.  Despite this, I would have given my eye teeth to be at this concert. There was one point in the spring when I optimistically thought my visa application would go through in time, and I would get to see Paul and the Olympics (guess that didn't happen!). I'll be there soon London, I promise.

Here's a full live version of Under African Skies. 

A Storm Lantern surrounded by summer blooms.

My latest $2 purchase from Front & Company (I figured it was appropriate for next year)

10 cents to every bottle go towards helping those on Vancouver's struggling downtown east side

A pit stop at chef David Hawksworth's Bel Cafe
The Macaron on the left was PB&J....seriously yum.

Wonderful View over Kits Pool

View of the City in the other direction from the Kitsilano Showboat Theatre

Coldwater Road performance at the Kitsilano Showboat Theatre

Check them out and download free music here.

Getting great use out of our monogrammed mugs (from Anthropology)

Where the Green Grass Grows (my favourite tree along Kane Valley Road)

I almost stepped on this rather large guy (he was the length of my finger - it would have made quite the crunch!)

My Percheron friends (they are actually quite snobby and never come to the fence to chat with me). I don't hold it against them.

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