Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bocce, Barbeque, Birthday, and the Bachelorette.

I am just sitting down to write this after watching the Bachelorette finale one day late (I'll discuss the show later). The reason being, I had a very important birthday to celebrate. Some close friends and I were invited to the Birthday girls' parents' place to play some bocce, indulge in some fantastic eats, and ring in one more year on earth with one of our best friends.

The weather was somewhat threatening at times (a little break from the solid sunshine we've been having), but it held off long enough to avoid raining on our parade. We had the famous cocktail 'Paradise' (mentioned here), played a few rounds of extremely competitive bocce, enjoyed a fabulous dinner (thanks Carolyn), and embarrassed the birthday girl in a very regal cake ceremony.

We laughed, as we quickly realized we'd come full circle, here we were as adults, back at mom and dad's house for a birthday party. In my opinion, this option is highly overlooked and underused, and generally entails, better food, company, and a much better venue!

These photos do not give the Stewart family cake ritual justice. I intended to post the actual video, but it wasn't agreeing with Blogspot. You'll have to use your imagination and picture that there was no traditional singing of 'Happy Birthday', instead Katie's father insists on playing the Olympic Fanfare. Fabulous!

Alright, I must mention Emily Maynard and the Bachelorette finale. Did you watch? Truly, deep down, I knew she was going to pick Jef, but my heart is absolutely aching for Arie. I was literally clutching it as he began to cry (head in hands) in the limo ride home. Emily really does need to work on conveying a clearer message when in break-up mode. I don't think any of the guys left the show with the answers they were searching for, or a true understanding for why they were sent packing. 

Emily was very lucky in that in the end, she really had three (including Sean) very solid men to choose from. I don't think there are many females, that wouldn't have loved to be in her shoes. All of the guys seemed very sincere, and completely head over heals for her. I do give her props for sparing Arie from the dreadful final rose ceremony when she knew in her heart that Jef was 'the one'. 

All in all, the finale did not disappoint. I think the special chemistry between Emily and Jef was visible, and I've got my fingers crossed that their relationship is one that lasts. 

Now it's time for us to wonder, will Sean be the next bachelor, or will it be Arie?

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