Friday, 27 July 2012

Rough start.

Thursday evening was a very late one as we spent a wonderful day in the Okanagan (I will blog about it on Monday), and didn't start the drive back to the ranch until after dinner.
The evening is when I usually sit down to write, but I was exhausted. I had full intentions of writing Friday's blog early Friday morning, but made the first mistake of waking up, grabbing my iphone, and reading my emails (my usual routine). Sitting nicely in my inbox was the MA Student Handbook from the University where I will commence study in September. You can imagine the angst building up inside me as I scrolled through page after page describing my courses, the readings, the methods of assessment, and of course the criteria for marking. I immediately felt a sensation similar to that of being in Elementary school the night before the new school year started with what was always the worst 'Sunday Feeling' (well, it was actually a 'Monday Feeling' due to the Labour Day holiday) of the school year. I think this time it was a combination of nerves, angst, excitement, and insecurity.

This feeling was only compounded when I read my horoscope in the Globe and Mail (the second step to morning routine). Despite reading it quite regularly, I don't usually put much faith in horoscopes (except when convenient), but as you will probably see, I couldn't really ignore this one....gulp. (Aquarius)

So, my day was a bit of a write-off after that.

I did however, drive into Merritt and watch the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics (yes, all 4 hours of it, bottom glued to a high top at Boston Pizza). I thought it was fabulous (though I am a sucker for great moments in sport). I'll admit, it is not difficult to find me teary eyed while watching events such as this one. 

What did you think? Was it well worth every penny (42 million dollars to be precise)?

The greatest revelation to my day followed the opening ceremonies as I continued to dwell (and laugh) at the incredible ridiculousness of my horoscope. I realised being the nature of a horoscope, this message was not directed solely at me, but also at every person born in February, which means, one in 12 people are supposedly in over their heads, biting off more than they can chew. It supposedly applies to you and I, but also, hypothetically (this is where I somehow linked it to the Olympics- the mind works in mysterious ways), to any Aquarian athlete in today's opening ceremony.  I'd like to think (and I'm certain I'm right), that the athletes I saw parade into the new Olympic park are quite the opposite. They are more prepared for this competition than they will ever be. This is their chance to shine. They have qualified, beaten most odds (and most of their competitors along the way) to earn these spots and the chance to compete on the world's stage. I am beyond excited to spend my next two weeks watching them do this.

I only hope that when September comes, and it's my turn to shine, that I feel as prepared and confident as they do. I'll never know what the future has in store for me but I will take comfort in a truthful quote from one of my favourite athletes...

You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take.

(Yes, that was M.J.)

On a lighter note...
(July 26th, 2012- Source: Camperon Spencer/Getty Images Europe)

I'll leave you with my favourite moment from Danny Boyle's masterpiece.

Funny, it seems he's just read that he's bitten off more than he can chew...

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