Monday, 14 July 2014

Mr. Baseball.

A week ago Sunday, I was cheering on my youngest brother at the Roberto Alomar & Friends Charity Home run Challenge (raising money for Jays Care's community outreach initiatives).

To be honest, I showed up purely to support my brother, and have a laugh. Chris doesn't really play baseball. Chris never REALLY played baseball. Patrick was the baseball playing sibling. I just assumed this was for kicks, a good cause, and the chance to rub shoulders with Roberto Alomar. We were all very nervous as he stepped up to the plate. I think he had the largest cheering section at Nat Bailey that day. The largest cheering section with the least amount of faith. After a few rather beefy men cranked multiple balls out of the park, our expectations got even lower.  Little did we realize, Chris would get up there and put 6 away. I think he surprised himself to be honest. His fans went wild. His only concern was not making a fool out of himself, and suddenly found himself in a four-way tie for first. Unfortunately in the tie-break, 'Mr. Beefy' hit 7. 

Regardless, Chris spent the rest of the day on the well deserved cloud nine, and his beer league softball team now has high hopes for the play-offs. 

No pressure, Mr. Baseball.

I can't believe how much the temperature has changed between last week and this week. As I type this, I'm sitting in my apartment sweating like ten men, and feeling rather ill, just looking at my Barbour Jacket and scarf.

Glad to see he's taking things seriously...

There goes the first one...

Top of the leader board.

The top four getting some press.

Robbie Alomar congratulates the winners.

Some of the other Blue Jays Alumni. Recognize anyone?

Chris may have not won the trip to Toronto, but that certainly would have caused a family feud, so perhaps it's for the best. 

Overall, a great day at the park.

...and guess where we are all off to again tonight? 


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