Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Morning Skate.

This morning, Amy and I dug through our storage lockers and pulled out our rollerblades. For me, this meant hunting them down in the crawl space of my parent's place. Miraculously, we were even able to find our wrist guards. Yup. Little did I know when I put them away for the last time that it would be close to a decade before I saw them again. I'm secretly a closet fan of rollerblading, and ever so pleased that it's on the rise again.

We had grins from ear to ear, as we circled Stanley Park and 'took back' rollerblading. I know you're impressed with the tube socks.

Well, if it's painted on the seawall, it must still be a thing? Right?

You know how some (most) people work up an appetite after exercise? We worked up a pedicure. 


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