Tuesday, 8 July 2014


While we are on the topic of Katie's wedding, I may as well follow the events in sequence and show you a snippet of her Bachelorette party, or 'Hen-do' as I was accustomed to hearing last year in London.
The photos aren't great quality as the evening was a bit of a marathon, and we were limited to iPhones.

We started with Katie's favourite past time, bowling. The Commodore Lanes in Vancouver's entertainment district, are some of the best for a casual night of 5-pin bowling. It's a great place to start your evening before venturing on to other watering holes. This being said, you must prepare yourself for the eclectic decor. I don't have any photos from this portion of the evening, aside from a glimpse of the t-shirt we made Katie sport. As this was her soon-to-be surname, and guilty pleasure, it seemed all to fitting.

What do you think?

After bowling we headed to an underground restaurant called The Bird's Nest. Lucky for me, it was a stone's throw from my back door. For those who have not been to such an establishment (this was my first time also), it's not literally underground (I know you knew that), but located in a Vancouver home. In the instance, it was a very charming character apartment.

We each contributed the suggested $40, and provided the drinks ourselves. This was great as we were able to stock up on bubbly and bottles of wine for a fraction of the cost. Our four course meal was absolutely FANTASTIC. I can't wait to go back, but as it's indoors, we'll have to wait until this gorgeous weather has subsided.

Below is a glimpse of the quaint dining room. 

...though, we began our evening in the sitting room.

I believe this was a sweet potato hummus with a balsamic reduction.

An absolutely scrumptious butternut squash and carrot soup.

A Kale salad with pear, apricot, and feta. 

I can't remember what was in the Risotto (but it was tasty), paired with Mahi Mahi (which even I ate...shocking, I know).

Dessert was a frozen Chai Creme Brûlée. I am not afraid to tell you, I had two.

 After dinner, with full bellies, we headed out for a little dancing. Where to? Is there really any other choice? The Roxy, OF COURSE.

It was a great evening of debauchery, capped off by ANOTHER four course meal in the wee hours of the morning at Ashley's insistence...

It's safe to say, this second dining establishment felt like underground dining as well (but for all the wrong reasons). Safety in numbers folks, and don't forget the Tums.

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