Monday, 7 July 2014

April Showers...

September to July has offered quite the change of pace to that of my previous year in London. A lot has happened, and a lot has kept me busy (read: working). It's not that there's not time to write, as I'm sure there has been plenty of time, it's just that I've had different priorities. Most likely the wrong priorities, as I really do enjoy writing these entries.

I have lots to talk about, but will first address the back-log (or should I say, 'the back-blog'?...see what I did there?). Enough of that. This weekend was productive, predominately because I replaced my tank of a laptop with a new snazzy one, and now have storage space for photos. The blog must go on.

First up, my friend Katie's bridal shower.

KS is a 'no frills, no fuss' kind of gal. We were instructed to wear denim, and traditional shower games were kept to a minimum. It was a wonderful afternoon with scrumptious food and great company. Did I mention that shower games were kept to a minimum? Win.


Delicious treats, multiple generations, vino, and a wonderful reason to celebrate! Alright, who's next?

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