Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Lost & Found.

A few weekends ago on a Sunday, Nicola and I ventured out to Fort Langley for a visit with a friend and her daughter. I hadn't been out there in years, so it was fun to do a little exploring.
We had tea in a  little coffee shop, and took a stroll around the town. It seemed to be quite the destination for cyclists meeting up with friends for post-ride benedicts.

After leaving the Fort we hopped in the car and decided to head on a mapless adventure. How confident one can get when they know that Siri is in their back pocket. We took back country roads, found wineries we didn't know existed, and had cupcakes in Murrayville at Tracycakes.

A great Sunday Fun-day that reminded of all the times I would intentionally lose myself in London.

Note to self, exploring in my own backyard needs to happen more often.

The evening back in the city wasn't too shabby either. I had a lovely Sunday dinner with friends (overlooking this backdrop), and then one last evening catching up with a friend who'd been visiting from London. 

Yes, we're out of order, as you don't know about the London visitors yet. Soon, I promise!

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