Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Fancy Feet.

So, I realize I'm a far cry from the cutting edge of fashion trends, and am definitely not one to dish out fashion advice. This being said, if you've spent the spring with your head in the sand (or could really care less), you may not know that Birks are once again taking over the world.

Here's where I come in. I'm a bit averse to 'hippy culture'. I blame my older brother, his acting school,  those who populated the central fountain at my university, the Pacific Northwest in general, and of course myself for cultivating these feelings. For similar reasons, I take a similar stance regarding hipsters. Where do Birks come into this? Well, thankfully for me, they are now trendy enough to no longer be cool with the later group, and trendy enough that sporting them won't necessarily mean I'm mistaken for the former group. The truth is, I used to own a pair. In middle school. Yes, it's been a while.

The main reason I'm keen on this footwear once again is because of my sore foot (remember the trials of last year? Yes, still going). Summer seems to be the time when I do the most harm to this 'Stress fracture' (or 'nerve damage'...whatever we are calling it). I'm certain it's due to the hours spent in sandals. Flimsy flip-flops to be specific. My foot takes a beating, whenever I have more than a few blocks to walk in summer footwear. Insert Birks. Finally some sandals with some support, that are actually stylish (or at least this week).

Have a look...

Do you have a pair?
 Are you sold? 

I'm leaning towards the ones that Mary-Kate (or is it Ashley...??!!) are wearing in picture 2 and picture 7. The 'Gizeh'. I've found they are the most comfortable as they put the least pressure on the outside edge, while still providing the sole with support. 

Next purchase? 

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