Thursday, 10 July 2014

Friends in LOLO places.

Pardon my abrupt jump to the present, but I needed to take a little break from the events of this spring in order to document some of the more current happenings.

Last week, K invited us over to her 'LOLO' (that's Lower Lonsdale, people) pad for a girls night and belated birthday gathering. What does a girls night consist of?
It's simple, wine, food trucks, and lots of chatter / catch-up. So much chatter in fact, that Laurent (K's husband) quickly vacated for the driving range. I don't blame him.

Some of the ladies even brought their kids...

Meet Bean. They'll be a post about her shortly.

And here's 'Summer'...

Kristin's patio looked gorgeous. She's put an amazing effort into her garden, and the slightly drizzly evening, just didn't do it justice.

After a few glasses of wine, we headed down to the Shipyards Night Market to grab some supper. Nics settled on perogies (free perigees...she knows people who know people), and the rest of us couldn't pass up Vij's Railway express. If you're from Vancouver, you'll know that it's Vikram Vij's food truck, and is not to be missed.

We grabbed the kids, for the walk down the hill. One child in particular demanded a lot of attention.

We took our dinner back up to K's and proceeded to polish off a few more glasses. This inevitably caused those of us from 'the south bank' to miss the 1 am sea bus, and have to cab home. 
Responsible, yes. Budget friendly, no.


I had a date the following morning. 
We grabbed juice at Granville Island. Unfortunately, due to the extra glass (or three) of Rose (thanks ladies), I found myself extremely content to sit staring quietly off into the distance, watching seagulls maul tourists. 

I watched with a huge grin as a giant gull landed on a woman's head in an attempt to grab her hamburger. I then watched a grown man shriek (and his child start crying) as another bird hopped down from the white marquis to snatch his large scone right out of his hand. 
The entire scone.
It was truly amazing. 

It's probably a sign that you're not too excited about your date when you have to remind yourself that you're on one. 
Of course silence is enjoyable when you know somebody well, but in this case, a little more effort probably would have been welcome. 


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