Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Lovely Leo.

Yesterday, we intentionally took the scenic route on the way home from Shuswap. We drove through the beautiful Turtle Valley, had a pit stop at a country store for some piping hot donuts (speechless), and drove through the huge expanse that is the Douglas Lake Ranch (Canada's largest cattle ranch). 

Our plan was to stop at our place for a quick overnight, to break up the long drive home, and check on my new brother (read: 'Leo' the horse). Temperatures were soaring (37 degrees). After a swim at Harmon Lake, we charged home to meet the new guy.

After strategically waiting for the hot sun to tuck itself behind the hill, we headed down to the barn to work with the horses. I know what you're thinking, "We?". For your information, yes, even I helped. I swear, I did. In my brother's jeans (Thanks Chris). It was a gorgeous summer evening, and despite being in the hands of a rookie, the new guy was extremely well behaved. I think we'll keep him.

Some of the Douglas Lake herd...

Back at our place...

Meet 'Leo'...

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. I'm writing this covered in spots (a dose of 'swimmer's itch'), after thinking it would be a good idea to complete my swim workouts in the lake each morning.  

Perhaps we'll swim a little deeper next time. 
Don't google it. 
Trust me.

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