Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Baseball Bachelorette.

Last week (as you may have seen on Instagram), I attended a Stagette for a very good friend. As you'll see from the photos, the day was all about baseball.

Let me introduce you to the Bride-to-be...

We started at Nat Bailey Stadium (Sorry, 'Scotia Bank Field') for a noon hour game, had a picnic in Queen Elizabeth Park, headed down Main Street for some cold beverages, eventually ending in Chinatown at a Supper club for dinner.

It was a fun way to celebrate, without too much of the traditional 'bachelorette' shenanigans.

Though there were some...

 I'll admit, we had our 'party-themed drinking straws' (use your imagination) confiscated at the game.

Free post-game ice cream sandwiches. Scrumptious.

(Lisa's hat is lovely isn't it?....eek!)

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  1. The Baseball Bachelorette was just fantastic. These photos are brilliant. My cousin is also getting married and she is also going to throw casino themed bachelorette bash at her favorite rooftop Chicago event space. It will be amazing to attend a casino party on rooftop!