Thursday, 14 August 2014

Lazy, like Sunday morning.

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In my last post, I mentioned we spent the afternoon at the lake down the road from the ranch (Harmon Lake). This little spot has been a favourite swimming hole of the family's for years. It's tricky on weekends in the summer, as it is often filled with campers, making it difficult to find a private entry point.

We weren't exactly quick out of the starting blocks, preferring to soak up the morning sun in our pjs with a good book, and a cup of tea. Yes, I have a 'C' mug at the ranch.

After checking on the horses (my last post), we loaded up the Rhino, and headed down the dirt road to the lake. Supplies: Beach blankets, towels, beach chairs, beers, sunscreen, and pistachios. Done.

I can't imagine what went through the poor camper's minds when suddenly like a bat out of hell, around the corner came this group of ladies.

A class act right?

We approached the normal boat ramp entry, only to find two giant pick-ups in our parking spot, and a group of 'bras' launching their fishing boat. I honestly don't want to know what crossed their minds when we whipped around the corner in the rhino, sporting fedoras, shades, and bathing suit cover-ups, treading carefully over cow pies to set up our camp.

It must have been quite the vision.

Below was our private entry. It was necessary to enforce a 'step-step-plunge' technique, due to the mushy bottom.

So, that's a wrap from last weekend. 

I've just returned home from a lovely 'White Party' sponsored by Robert Mondavi Winery, so I will show you a glimpse of that in my next post.

I'm really excited for the weekend, as I have a stagette that includes a nooner at the Nat, a night out in Gastown, and a polo game. 

Sounds lovely doesn't it?

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