Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Horsing around.

Girls opening Gate- Beyond the blue umbrella

Recovering from the previous day's vineyard adventures, we spent Sunday, lazing around the ranch, visiting with our four legged friends, and swimming at the lake down the road.

girls on fence- Ranch life- Beyond the blue umbrella

ranch life. Girl in Grass. Beyond the Blue umbrella

Girls on Fence- Beyond the Blue Umbrella

Three girls on fence- Beyond the Blue Umbrella

It was definitely another hot day, and when we first ventured up to visit the horses, they were nowhere to be found. Eventually we spotted them up on the hillside, hiding, and watching us from a grove of pine trees. Once they were certain they knew who the crazy girls at the fence were (obviously quite difficult as we were no longer in our pretty dresses from the day before), they came galloping out of the tree line, and put on a great performance.

There was definitely a bee in someone's bonnet.


Galloping horses. Ranch life- From BTBU

Horses- BTBU

Running Horses- BTBU

Galloping Horses - From BTBU Blog

horsing around- From BTBU blog

Galloping Horses- From BTBU Blog

Galloping Horses- From BTBU blog

Galloping Horses from BTBU blog

Galloping Horses- from BTBU blog

Then all of a sudden, the show was over, and they were ready for a nuzzle...

Standing Horses- From BTBU blog

...but after that little demonstration, my Birkenstock-clad feet and I, were staying put 
on the 'safe' side of the fence.

The Herd- from BTBU Blog

The show didn't stop with the horses. As we were giving them some much needed attention, Kristin said to me, "Watch out! There's a deer running down the road at us!"

.....and sure enough, I look up to see this beauty (below), literally trotting down the dirt road towards us. She clearly hadn't noticed us, or heard the commotion, either that or she was running from something far scarier, and could care less about the silly girls with big cameras. 

Had that been the case, I really wish she'd told us what we needed to be afraid of (eek!).

Deer running down road - From BTBU blog

Deer at Black Pine Ranch. From BTBU BLOG

Deer at Black Pine Ranch. From BTBU BLOG

Just when you thought I was finished...

More photos from the lake tomorrow.

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