Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Monday was a bank holiday (for those of us over in the UK), so this on top of the beautiful sunny weather, made for quite the weekend.

On Friday night we had a farewell dinner with mom and dad at Lola Roja. It is a tapas restaurant on Northcote road and it was fantastic. We were stuffed, and once again ordered far more than we could eat. M arrived for post-dinner-drinks and got to polish off the leftovers.

On Saturday I fit in a run (still on the walk run program for my foot), then worked on eliminating 400 words from my paper, slightly mopey as I was sad that mom and dad had gone home. I got used to having them around, and sort of felt like I had to say goodbye all over again. That evening I met Steph for an adventure. We met some of her friends at a pub in Richmond and then the night carried on from there. I'm not exactly sure what the pubs and bars were called. Nothing worth mentioning as far as the locations were concerned, but we met some fun people, so the night wasn't a bust.

Sunday turned into a pub crawl. Not intentionally. We started as 3, and picked up more as we went along. I had always wanted to visit The Coat & Badge in Putney, as I'd read about it, and thought it was charming. It has a pretty amazing patio also.

Pub #1...

From there we went to THE PHENE in Chelsea. We sat down at a table with a group of guys (there were no other seats) and realized we were sitting with Hugo from Made in Chelsea. That made things interesting. His friends were great fun, but he kept to himself....and we were too into our charcuterie to care! Have a look at their website, as the Garden Patio is lovely on a summer evening.

London does have a low tide!

And here's Huuuuuuugo (yes, I do feel slightly guilty about the sneaky shot, but he's a reality T.V. star - surely he can handle it?)

Pub #2....

We left The Phene and walked over Battersea Bridge to The Prince Albert. It's a pub 'N' had taken me to a few years ago, and I had immediately loved. What we realized at this point was that both the Coat & Badge, and the Prince Albert were part of the Geronimo Pub Group. Basically they had a recipe for success and they stuck to it. It was here that I met a new friend. One that I assumed I'd never see again...I was wrong.


Pub #3...

Continuing our Journey we headed to The Northcote (that's one of our favourite neighbourhood spots) and guess what? Also a Geronimo. Yes, three out of the four spots were owned by the same company. They are doing something right.

Last but not least, #4...

Which one is your favourite?

I planned on taking it easy on Monday. I spent the morning finishing off the last edits of my essay and then was about to take a blanket up to the common when I got a text from said 'new friend'. 
He road his bike over to meet me on the grass with some beers and a bottle of wine. Needless to say, the rest of the day did not go as planned. It involved more patios, Indian food, and chasing foxes through graveyards. 

Don't ask.

 *Many of the images are from the Geronimo websites linked to this page (but this is not an advertisement, I am simply professing my love and didn't have many photos from the day!)


  1. I officially want your life.

    1. Ange- It's not all as it appears! I'll write you a FB msg.