Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Weekend (ahem) Lunch.

As I write this (Tuesday night), my mom is in surgery (in Vancouver) having her second knee replaced. While I am so pleased that after this, she will have two bionic legs, it's always a worry having someone that you love going through such a procedure so far away.

I decided I wasn't going to make myself do any school work today as I'm too distracted. I took myself for a big swim. It turned out to be much longer than planned as there were two sketchy characters lingering far too long (20+ mins!) under the pool-side showers and I didn't want to hop out to rinse off until they were I kept swimming....and swimming....and swimming. My legs were absolute jello when I got out, and my efforts were to no avail, as 'Spencer and Hugo' were hanging out by the hair dryers as I tried to leave. Head down, power walk. See ya later.

My one fun task for today was to write a post about Saturday's adventures. We had the BEST day, and I would have documented it sooner, but I had no pictures as my iphone was being a jerk. Insert Kat to save the day, sending me hers via dropbox. Woohooo! (Thanks Kat!)

The adventure starts like this...

On Friday I sent a quick FB message to a friend to see what he had planned this weekend.

Response: Hey Stranger, a bunch of us are going for lunch at Bunga Bunga, there's actually a spot left, COME! (actually when I re-read his message he was a little more clear, but this is what I got from it initially)

Having no clue what this entailed, I said of course. I had heard of Bunga Bunga (Mostly in reference to Berlusconi, but also as the London hot spot that HRH likes to frequent).

At 1:45pm I headed over to Bunga Bunga for 'Lunch'.

The rather large bouncer at the door mid-day should have been my first clue.

I walked in to see 5 GIANT tables full of large groups of friends.

Karaoke was in full effect, and there was a drag queen....but other than that, things seemed relatively normal.

To begin with, our table looked amazing. Large wooden boards propped on giant cans of tomatoes, held bowls of fruit salad, fresh bread, plates of prosciutto, and about 5 different types of fresh juice to make mimosas.

The prosecco was the clencher, as it was unlimited.....FOR THE ENTIRE AFTERNOON. Trouble.

A few minutes after arriving, we were casually aware that the wait staff was lowering the blinds on all the windows. Bunga Bunga was getting louder and crazier....and darker. 

It appeared we needed to catch up. 

Never a group to be 'out done' by the other parties, prosecco boat races it had to be.

The boat races helped. 

After countless pizzas, ice cream, dessert pizzas, and a cake with fireworks, we were up and dancing. 

This lasted a few hours, before they tossed us out...

....out into the SUNSHINE. What?!

We found ourselves heading to venue #2 at 5pm. Yes, 5pm. Down the road to the Prince Albert. Yes, the same Prince Albert Pub from a few weekends ago when I met a 'new friend' who chased foxes through graveyards with me. 

*You may have noticed this 'new friend' has not been mentioned since.  I will let you read between the lines. 

Apparently still thirsty....

After the Prince Albert, we headed into the city to our reservation at Bodo's Schloss. Bodo's Schloss does not deserve a link because we are fighting. 

Despite our reservation they decided we had too many boys to let us all in (for the record, the ratio was equal). Seriously.

Fine- we'll take our 18 thirsty Canadians (I actually don't know how many of us there were) and spend our money at another establishment.

The night finished off with us singing along with the piano man at the piano bar on Kensington High Street.

While we will all be the first to admit that the Prosecco wreaked havoc on our Sunday, I would still highly recommend a group 'lunch' (or dinner) at Bunga Bunga.

Okay, I've just received a note that mom's surgery went fine (phewf!), so I am off to make (yes make) sushi. I will let you know how that goes tomorrow.

**If anyone knows why my pictures won't line up straight, I'd love to know the answer. It's driving me crrrrrazy!


  1. What an awesome weekend :) Too cool for Bodo Schloss anyways, and you guys seemed to have plenty of fun anyways x x

  2. Ummm...there are a lot of very good looking men in these pictures. If it behooves you, persuading some of them to relocate to Vancouver would make this gal very happy ;)

    1. They're hard on the eyes aren't they?