Friday, 24 May 2013

The Freakin' Weekend!

...but if you're not happy already, and the below photo doesn't help, I'm not sure I can help you.

Here's HRH playing t-ball (last week on his U.S. tour), while wearing the crap out of a crisp white shirt. Pretty certain he could wear a paper bag.

Back to me (since let's be honest, that's what this blog is really about)...

Yesterday was a good day.

I had a great swim in the morning, but the best part is, as I was leaving the pool, I was stopped by one of the lifeguards who told me they (the other guards) had been wondering what I was training for. She said I always looked so focused, she assumed I must be training for something! Umm..stroke the ego, stroke the ego! I struggled to casually hide how happy that comment made me. Truth be told, it's actually my 'scary face', intended for keeping slow swimmers out of my lane (by slow I just mean the ones that don't put their head under the water)...quite selfish really, and helping myself feel confident amongst the 'flip turny', speedo wearing ones. Long story short, when you are competitive (and slightly 'type A') like I am, those kind of comments go a LONG way. Pathetic.

I then took my enlarged head and went to meet my friend Rose. We spent the afternoon in the beautiful London sunshine photographing people in different spaces for our Art Project.  We are both quite excited about it, so it has been fun collaborating. Hopefully we can pull it off.

After we were finished, I left Rose and went to Sloane Square to try on (pretty much all of) the dresses in Peter Jones. I'm still slightly totally panicked about Ascot and what the heck I'm going to wear. I found some nice dresses, but the sticker shock was a little much. I'll go back if I find nothing else, but I'd like to keep the price down if I can.

The final great thing that happened, is that I arrived home to a note saying my mom had been released from hospital early (on good behaviour). If you remember what happened last time, you'll know this puts all of our minds at ease. I'm happy she's in great shape and will be recovering at home with the Murph dog...and dad.

So for my mom (and the rest of you) here's some 'Fun Finds' (a.k.a light reading) I stumbled across lately:

Before and After Pictures in Oklahoma (slide the bar to the right to change the picture)

One of the MANY reasons we love Jennifer Lawrence

Some of these are seriously funny.

Ok, who's going to buy this for me (or any of my family members for that matter!)??

A very cool art project.

Do you have exciting things planned this weekend? It's a bank holiday weekend here (if it feels like we just had one, we did), so I'm quite excited. The Canadian crew (see Bunga Bunga / Thanksgiving) is getting together for a liquid picnic (if the weather holds up) on Saturday, and then Sunday I have a friend's birthday. I'm not sure what Monday holds, but I'll make it count, I promise!

Happy weekend everyone!

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