Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sushi from Scratch (Desperate times call for desperate measures).

You may or may not know that we've been searching high and low for great sushi spots half decent sushi in London. While we found a cute restaurant last week (Saki II in Kensington), it's still pricey. How pricey? One of my rolls was ₤12.50. Madness.

This left me no choice but to make it myself.

For Perfect Sushi Rice (They don't call me the 'Rice Master' for nothing) try this method:

You will need: Japanese sticky rice, Rice Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Salt

1) Measure 1 Cup Rice to 1 1/4 Cups Water into a pot

2) Bring Rice and Water to a minimum boil, stir, reduce heat to almost nothing, and cover for 12 mins

3) After 12 mins, keeping the lid on, remove the pot from the heat and let it sit for another 10 mins

4) While the rice is sitting, in another small pot, bring 1/2 Cup of Rice Vinegar to a boil

5) Remove from heat, add 4tbsp Sugar and 1tsp salt, stirring until dissolved (let this mixture cool)

6) Once rice has cooled, pour the Vinegar mixture in, folding the rice to make sure it is completely mixed

7)Allow Rice to continue to cool to body temperature (at that point it's ready for sushi)

Sushi Time:

Chop up your desired Sushi ingredients. I looked everywhere (ok, I just went to Waitrose) for sushi grade Tuna, but couldn't find, so we settled on Cucumber Avocado, and a few rolls with Mango in them. California Rolls would have been a good idea, but I'm not a huge crab fan. Up to you.

1) Place your sushi mat (the bamboo thing) with the short edge pointing towards you

2) Place a piece of seaweed on the mat (shiny side down)

3) Place 1/2 C (I actually used a little more) of sushi rice in the middle of the seaweed

4) Using a paddle, spread (and press) the rice all over the seaweed, leaving about 1/2 inch on the short  end farthest away from you (this is to allow the seaweed a tab to seal the roll with)

5) Place your desired ingredients in the centre of the rice (parallel to the short edge)

6) Use both hands and begin using the mat to roll the seaweed (squeeze gently as you roll)

7) Give the roll and extra squeeze at the end to make sure it's sealed before unravelling the mat

**check out this video to watch it in action (if you're paying attention, you'll notice I placed my seaweed the wrong way, the indentations are guidelines for cutting the roll...just keeping you on your toes!)

8) Slice into pieces with a VERY sharp nice (difficult for me, as we don't have one of those!)

*Note- if you want to try inverted sushi, just flip the seaweed over once you've pressed the rice down onto it, and then place the ingredients in the middle and roll away (it's a little trickier and harder to keep it looking pretty, but I do prefer the rice on the outside)

**essential: most store bought soy sauce IS NOT the same as sushi soy sauce. It doesn't taste right- look for the good stuff (to give Waitrose credit, they did carry Sushi Soy Sauce)


  1. Top effort! And they look so pretty too :)
    I've been aching to do this again for ages....maybe this weekend is the right time.x x

  2. nom nom nom. I love sushi!!!!!!

    Kisses from Ireland