Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Sunday by the Sea: Brighton

The girls and I decided last week that if the sunny weather kept up, we would attempt a Sunday adventure to Brighton.

Sure enough, 19 degrees and off we went. The first official meeting of the 'Sunday Adventure Club'.

We met at the station at 9:30am coffees in hand, ready for our 45 minute train ride (for those who don't live in London, it takes longer to get across town at most times of the day).

Upon arrival, we followed the main street straight down to the water. We had all been craving the ocean since arriving in London. The Thames just doesn't cut it. 

It was comforting to hear seagulls and smell the saltwater.

Helena can be blamed for the peace signs...but I can't say we put up much of a fight.

I have another friend in Brighton who I hadn't seen in ages. He's actually M's friend, and was part of the group of guys my friends and I met in Barbados 6 years ago. Seen as I hadn't seen him since that lovely March, I decided this was the perfect chance for a reunion.

We texted 'T' who was keen to meet up, but insisted we get the touristy stuff out of our system and then  he'd join us in the afternoon. Smart guy. As you'll see in the photos, while Brighton is lovely, down by the water there is a huge 'cheese factor'. Picture Nice (France) colliding with Coney Island, Venice Beach, and the San Diego Pier. If you know what to expect (as I did), you won't be as shocked when confronted by it. On a sunny day, the beach front packs with Brits heading to the Sea for the day. Yes, a bit intense. But as I said, if you are prepared for it, and park yourself on the quiet Hove part of the beach, or spend your time exploring the meandering side streets, you'll have a wonderful relaxing day.

Yup...the sun came out, so we quickly changed into shorts and sun dresses (only to change back an hour later, but you take what you can get!).


It's a bird, it's a plane...it's a Canadian Flag!!!

After checking out the pier, we met 'T' for lunch at a tapas restaurant on one of the winding little side streets (my favourite area of the city). The restaurant was called Ole Ole, and totally hit the spot. It was great fun catching up with 'T' and rehashing stories from that holiday. 

Your eyes do not deceive you, it's a skateboarding dog.

After lunch, 'T' took us on a walking tour of the city and then down along the beach towards Hove to check out the beach huts, and relax in the sun. 

At the end of the day we said goodbye to our tour guide and headed for the train.

I had a few more freckles to show for it, and truly felt like I 'took back Sunday'.

My only regret is not getting ice cream or saving time for cream tea.

Next time.

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  1. What a lovely idea having Adventure Sundays! It sounds like a great reason for forcing yourself out of bed early in the morning :D
    x x