Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This and That...

If you've been following along on Instagram, many of these puppies are a bit of a repeat. If not, here are some odds and ends from the last few weeks.

A Sunset from the Library at school.
Me at Black Pine- a mid 80s throwback. Can you tell?
One of my favourite snacks. A bagel with cream cheese and fresh tomato (Salt and Pepper a must!)
The Hope Pub now, and back in the day. 
Northcote Rd and the No. 49 Bus. London was waaaaay ahead of things with the Double Deckers weren't they?!!

It is this kind of image that makes me contemplate riding again :)

Post-swim breakfast on a grumpy morning., and rabbyzads (that's what Pat used to call them) to go with above breakfast.
Pub Quiz night.
Another throwback. 2003 maybe?
One of my many 'offices'
The trusty chicken strips dinner.
An image to make me contemplate whether or not to chase the train!
An unlikely pair. Business meeting at the Northcote Pub.
A beautiful walk through the Common (last week when we thought Spring was arriving...turns out, not so much!)
Chatting to some Canadian friends.
...and the warm clothes come out again.

Reading Rainbow.
Spotted along the banks of the Thames as I walked to the Tate Modern for class one night.
On the wall of the Tate Modern's employee entrance.
Happy Memories. 2007?
Can you tell there's some reflecting going on?
Again, another throwback. I must really be in need of some vitamin D!
A dangerous contest at the Bank bar.

Lastly, seen as I have given you a brief history 
of the last couple of weeks. 
Here's a little something similar...

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