Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Last night I stayed up far too late. I was initially sorting through Inns in the Cotswolds as potential for my parents (any suggestions?), while multitasking with friends on Viber. Before I knew it, it was 11:40pm and I had wanted to watch the latest episode of GIRLS.

The point of my story is....

There was a song at the end of the episode that I really liked. Sight of the Sun by Fun. I was disappointed that I couldn't buy the single off itunes (you have to buy the entire GIRLS soundtrack), but then I realized I didn't have any of their other music on my computer.

Cutting to the chase...I forgot how much I like this song of theirs. It's from last summer, but it's great.

Some tunes for your Wednesday. Today I'm off to meet the CW Art trip at the National Gallery, and then possibly join them (after my tutorial) on a Jack the Ripper Tour. I'm getting nervous...

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