Monday, 4 March 2013

The National Portrait Gallery and Machiavelli.

On Saturday, S and I headed to the National Portrait Gallery. Neither of us had been before, and it was on both of our 'hit lists'. The Gallery was first opened in 1856 with the idea of creating a collection of portraits of famous British men and women. 

Below are a few that you may recognize...

Prince Charles by Bryan Organ
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge By Paul Emsley
What was your first reaction when the Kate portrait was unveiled? Did you have one? I did think she looked tired, but in person it was very nice. I didn't think she looked dramatically 'aged', but as 'S' mentioned, there is a definite attempt to make the portrait somewhat timeless. I really liked the lighting in the painting, but I found it doesn't come across in the reproductions.

Biochemist, Paul Nurse. By English Artist, Jason Brooks
The above painting had people stopping in their tracks, for the main reason, that you initially walked by thinking it was a photograph, and then you realized it was in fact a painting. Extremely well done.

There was also a portrait (that was actually a 1 hour film) of David Beckham Sleeping by Sam Taylor Wood (a Goldsmiths Alumni). Read about it here

After pushing our way through the crowds at the Portrait Gallery (do NOT attempt on a weekend), we headed for a nibble. Our Destination, Machiavelli.

I ordered a pot of tea and the Bruschetta with Goats Cheese and Honey. Delicious! 

'S' got a slice of Almond Cake with a latte. I would head back here for sure as all of their menu items fit the bill for the perfect 'pick me up' after a day of shopping or sight seeing. They had nice wines, great cheeses, and a large selection of share plates, as well as yummy desserts.

Did you have a great weekend? I had a great night on Friday night, catching up with a friend in the Neighbourhood. I'm not overly excited about the upcoming week as I have a lot of writing to do. I will definitely have to find something to balance out my time know what they say about, 'All work and no play...'

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