Tuesday, 5 March 2013

A Milestone.

Yesterday was a good day from start to finish.

I woke up before my alarm (if you know me, that's a Christmas miracle in itself), and despite it being early, it was bright and sunny, and the birds were chirping. I don't want to jinx things, but it truly felt like spring. I quickly got changed, tossed my things in my bag, and headed to the pool. At the pool I had a lane to myself for my entire workout. It was so lovely when I got out of the pool that I skipped out on the bus and walked home through the common. I didn't need my scarf, and my puffy coat was too warm. These are good signs.

I finally started actually writing my paper (I'd been reading up until this point), so that feels great. I also got invited to a party in the neighbourhood which I'm really looking forward to.

At three o'clock, I headed to the train. If I'm being honest, one bad thing did happen...I missed the train, and had to take the overground (but we all know from Friday's post, that, 'If the train doesn't stop at your station, it's not your train!')

But there's more....

...when I got on the overground, I had my FIRST 'run-in' with someone I already knew. You might think this is minor, but I was REALLY REALLY excited. I've actually spent time wondering whether this would ever happen to me since moving to London in September. At home in Vancouver, it feels like I run into someone I know every few days. The obvious reasons are that my network is larger (I had 33 years to build it), and the city is smaller, but it's still a very comforting feeling. Is it ridiculous that I mark this as a major London milestone? Too cheesy? I'm sorry....I'm thrilled. I can't explain to you what a good feeling it was to hear someone call out my name, during what has normally been a completely anonymous commute everyday for the last six months. I realize my sensitivity to this has to do with the research I'm doing on place and one's evolving sense of self, but I can't help but feel like I've accomplished a certain level of familiarity. Ok, I'm done.

The rest of the night you ask?

-an hour in the library

-quick coffee (actually a mocha)

-head spinning lecture on pedagogical philosophy

-train home

- stir fry for dinner, tea, and some downloaded T.V.

How was your Monday? Any chance encounters?

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