Friday, 1 March 2013

Something to Remember...

Happy Friday Everyone,

This week I reminded myself of a quote that my friends and I always used to spout (usually in jest, while attempting to cheer one of us up), it's an old faithful, extremely obvious but rings true..

"If the train doesn't stop at your's not your train."

This one even puts me in a good mood when I'm late for the Southern line from Clapham Junction :)

(it will definitely make said friend laugh if you shake your head from side to side, wave your finger, and replace each 'your' with 'cho'....try it!)

Now, because I've neglected you this week (I've had my nose in the books and haven't been much fun), I've got a great website for you. The blog is called 'Quite Continental' and every February the host  creates a February Charm School. Click HERE.

Big plans this weekend? I'm going to continue reading all day and then head out locally to cause some trouble with a friend from the 01235. Very excited!

Train image.

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