Monday, 11 March 2013

Brixton Market and Village.

On Saturday, 'S' and I headed to Brixton to check out the Brixton Market. We'd been told it was wonderful from countless people but had yet to head back to Brixton since our early unsuccessful flat hunting days. What wasn't so clear to us was that there is quite the difference between Brixton market and the Brixton Village.

If you're thinking of heading there, you should realize that the Market is big, and has different days for different purposes. Saturday is more of a Vendors day, where as Sunday is a Farmer's market. As we were there on a Saturday, we found ourselves navigating through stall after stall of knock-off Calvin Klein underwear, plastic dusters, toilet brushes, tables full of used shoes, and baked goods (you name it, and someone was selling it at their table).

We began to question if this was actually what our friends had sent us up there to see....

That is until 'S' said, "Should we check out what's in there?" and pointed to an extrance to a covered market area. In we went. What we didn't realize, was that this was what they call 'Brixton Village' and is a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT experience.

Brixton Village is a covered area full of the cutest restaurants offering everything from gourmet coffee, fresh breads and pastries, to world cuisine. It was hard to decide just where to eat. 'S' had read about a few of the places before, but specifically a place called Mama Lan. Mama Lan offers homemade dumplings and Beijing Street food.

Dumpling image from here.
Vegetable Fritters...words cannot describe!!!
Beef and Noodle Soup.

Check out some of the other'll see that 'shabby chic' is in abundance.

How great is the siding on this little shop?
Tables made from Produce Boxes with blankets ready to keep you warm.

After our lunch we headed to Federation Coffee for some caffeine and a little treat.

Polenta Lemon Cake. Yum!

Other than our Market Adventure, it was a wonderful weekend. 
On Saturday evening, I met up with some of the Canadian crew at a pub around the corner from our house. You know it's a great night out when McDonalds is essential in the wee hours of the morning! On Sunday I met 'M' for a coffee. We strolled through Wandsworth Common, and then ended up at The Hope Pub to watch England play Italy in the Six Nations. Other than that, I'm looking forward to working hard this week, and then heading to Paris for the weekend. 


  1. Looks like a great market. Looks a lot more authentic than Granville Island in terms of sit down eating options. Paris on the weekend? What I wouldn't do....enjoy!

    1. Paris w the CW crew...and then meeting up with Ange and her group Monday or Tuesday. Looking forward to it :)

  2. Ditto to jakefrancis. It looks like a great place, I'm so happy you discovered the Village after the average Market part of the day. And those Dumplings just look so perfect :) It's definitely added to my list when I'm back home this summer!
    Keep up the weekend adventuring.
    x x