Tuesday, 16 October 2012

This One's for the Girls.

Today I'm really missing my ladies. The reality of being so far away from home, away from my support group is beginning to settle in. I think it's because the craziness of getting oneself settled in a different country is over. There are no more (horrid) letting agents, trips to Ikea, appointments with the bank, or first day of school anxieties. Now it's just life.

Yesterday, one of my very best friends gave birth to her first child (a baby boy) and I couldn't feel further away.

(J - I'm thrilled for you and M, and am I'm looking forward to my first Skype session with your little man!).

To the rest of the girls, I miss you too!

Sushi nights, seawall walks, seawall runs (the stress fracture is really making me miss these!!)  fifth avenue movies, eating our way though Granville Island, breakfast burritos at recess, nights in, nights out, ranch weekends...I think you're getting the picture.

Thanks for all of the Skye messages, cards, and texts.

Keep them coming, it's always a welcome surprise.

Can't wait to hear whether it's a boy or a girl!
Sorry Mandy, I know this is a sexy shot. I was in a hurry. xo 
Tough as s@#$. 
Miss the CW crew!
I miss my Art Department ladies  (Sorry Jake, I said it's for the girls!)
And for the Batches....Miss you too!
And in NZ!
Miss my Stobers!!

A.B. Hope your pregnancy is going smoothly.  Miss you!

And a shout out to M.F in Toronto. I can't find a recent picture, so that means a visit is definitely in order. xo

And Last but not least....MOM!

I'll leave you with a little something mom sent me today...

Now get your bottoms on a plane and come visit me!
(or I'll be forced to get out my lady pens and write you all postcards)

That is all. xo


  1. awwwww.....

    Miss you too Special!!!

  2. Awwww! This made me teary:-(
    Miss you tons! My arm is in a sling right now so I have sympathy for your stress fracture (though yours is way worse). Love you xoxo

  3. There are two things I know for sure...
    1) Wow, those lady pens are long overdue
    2) Miss you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, one thing I know for sure. Up to you which that is ;)
    xo- ks

  4. Missing you too sweets!! Thanks for sending the love :) Let's Skype soon...I actually forget when I wrote it in your pink planner ;)