Monday, 15 October 2012

Franco Manca.

"I have never lived so close to such an amazing pizza place..."
                                                                                   ~S. S.
  (yes, those and other such deep thoughts were our reality this past Sunday, due to an adventurous Saturday night)

Amazing Olives from Puglia.

Speaking only for myself, I was a pathetic waste of space all Sunday. Quite ridiculous given only last weekend, I vowed to take a little break from nights which left me feeling so under the weather. How quickly we forget. As a result of Sunday's sloth like behaviour, I had a lot of time on my hands to think about that night's dinner. Pizza. Pizza it had to be.

Lucky for us Franco Manca is about 100m from our doorstep. Franco Manca is a fantastic sourdough pizza company.  They use a slow rising (20+ hours) dough, and a wood burning brick oven, and only the freshest ingredients (obviously). True to any Napoli style pizza, the toppings are simple, but the flavour is amazing. 

 I'm already thinking about the leftovers we brought home with us. Definitely tomorrow's post-swim lunch!

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....hint hint.

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