Thursday, 4 October 2012

New Digs.

So here she is. This is going be a quick post as I have to get to school, and still have some costume bits and baguettes (random right?) to pick up before the weekend.
I'm sorry we didn't tidy up for you. I snapped the photos quickly on my way down to the coffee shop, so that I would have something to show you. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are away for the weekend staying in the country to celebrate a Canadian Thanksgiving (but with a little extra tweed!). As long as all goes as planned, this weekend will DEFINITELY be the subject of a future blog post.

Stay Tuned....

The view from the front.
The living room (you like the black leather right? I know....)

The Kitchen.

Dishes with view of the neighbourhood.

second view of the living room with our dining nook by the window.
The Mantle. If your photo is not here, we are working on it!!! (Patrick, don't worry, I've already got one ordered!)

S's room. I lost the coin toss for the first 3 months. 

The 'loo'.

My room. Cozy.
The street.
Out the front door.

And Lastly, a couple of blocks away...

The lovely, Northcote Road.

That green cart sells flowers. There is also a huge bakery cart, fish stand, cheese shop, butcher, wine store, an endless supply of pubs, and restaurants, and clothing shops. It's really the perfect little world at our doorstep. open for visitors!


  1. Love love love! Looks adorable. PS how do I get one of those carts to sell flowers from ?? ;)

  2. It's soo cute! Love it! :)

  3. It's so adorable Courtenay! xo