Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bilingual Eh?

While the article pertains to those south of the 49th, I can relate. Have a little read...

BBC News on Britishisms.

Autumn, Bloody / Bloody Hell, Brilliant, Bum, Cheeky / Cheeky Chappy, Cheap and Cheerful, Cheers, Fancy, Flat, Loo, Muppet, Mobile, Proper, Que, 'RIGHT" , "Xactly"= Already in the regular rotation.

Despite this, Canadian friends can rest assured that I was busted using 'Eh' just last night.

You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can't take Canada...yada yada yada.

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  1. That's funny cause I just read this article the other day written by the husband of the blogger Cup of Jo.
    Pretty similar!